Is the South of France Still Chic?

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The picturesque South of France has enjoyed a long, uninterrupted stretch of time as the unofficial playground of the rich and famous. This area, which is made up of the enchanting Languedoc region and the romantic French Riviera, is uncommonly rich in natural and cultural treasures that make it one of the most sought after holiday destinations in the world. Its proximity to major European cities and excellent transportation links certainly add to its allure. Year in and year out, the French Riviera and surrounding regions welcome millions of visitors that troop to this gem of a place.

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France as a whole is very tourist-friendly. The south-east region sees the most number of visitors, second only to the City of Lights itself, Paris. The Mediterranean climate features dry summers and ultra mild winters. It features over a hundred kilometres of gorgeous coastline dotted with luxurious resorts, restaurants, and private villas owned by royalty and the world’s richest families.

The political instability that plagued Western Europe in the past may have dampened the tourism in the area for a time, but like much of the continent, the South of France quickly recovered and flourished even more to attract visitors from all over. It has lost none of the charm that made it so beloved in the past.

Hottest Holiday Picks From Around the Globe

The ease of modern travel, relatively stable political climate, the Internet, and affordable fares have made it possible to go farther for vacations safely and cheaply. For tropical getaways, the South of France might no longer be top of the list for most travellers. Bali, Phuket, and Hanoi have been extremely popular over the last couple of decades.

Even in the Mediterranean Basin alone, many equally beautiful areas give the South of France some stiff competition. These include Monaco, Spain’s Majorca and the party island of Ibiza, the Italian Riviera, and the enchanting Greek isles. Can the coastal towns of Nice, St. Tropez, Cannes, and the hilly area of Provence hold their own?

Absolutely. The South of France is timeless and it offers a unique allure that is not limited to its geography. It has something great to offer year-round and tourists can go to enjoy its charms no matter what the season is. It also has an inimitable glamour that you won’t find anywhere else. Is it any wonder why dozens upon dozens of movies are filmed in this slice of heaven? Whether it’s culture, history, glamour, or convenience you are looking for, the South of France has it. Last but not least, this area is a foodie’s paradise. The French, of course, have always prided themselves for their cuisine but the Mediterranean influence gives the food in the South of France a little extra je ne sais quoi.

There is no shortage of beautiful places to vacation all over the world. Nevertheless, the South of France is practically mandatory on any traveller’s bucket list. Judging from its rate of return visitors, one taste is just not enough.

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