How to Take Amazing Shots on Your Travels Around Bavaria

bavarian castle

Bavaria is one of the most breathtaking places on the planet. It’s brimming with stunning natural sceneries, and enchanting structures. It’s straight out of a storybook. In fact, the Neuschwanstein Castle in South West Bavaria was the inspiration for Sleeping Beauty’s iconic Castle. And that’s only one among many. This German Federal State also boasts multiple UNESCO World Heritage Sites. With all that going for it, you’ll be hard-pressed to take a bad photo anywhere in Bavaria. That said, you can always improve your travel photos. Whether you’re a professional travel photographer or a casual tourist looking to preserve your holiday memories, you’re going to want to come home with photos that will do justice to the captivating beauty of Bavaria.

Find A New Angle

As beautiful as Bavaria is and with a troop of tourists that visit every year, it’s easy to understand why it’s been photographed to death. If you’ll be working with a tour guide or with a knowledgeable local, they’ll have no trouble directing you to the best photo-op spots. There’s nothing wrong with opting for the standard tourist photos, of course. But if you want to come back with something unique, you might also want to get off the beaten track. Don’t hesitate to go for close ups to find interesting details. To those with a trained eye and years of experience, this might come as second nature. But amateurs can easily develop their photography skills. A good tip to keep in mind is to always take into account the time of day. Photographers love the so-called golden hour, the hour after sunrise or the hour before sunset. The sunlight bathes the landscape beautifully and you’ll be able to take great photos without any special lighting required.

If you’re working with a digital camera, have a couple of memory cards at hand or opt for a device that will automatically save your photos online. That way you can take multiple photos and have a better chance of capturing great ones!


Invest in Your Equipment

Professional travel photographers rely on powerful cameras and wide angle lenses to capture as much as they can from a location. But not everyone can afford or can operate professional-grade photography equipment with special lenses and accessories. Truth be told, not everyone needs to. This kind of equipment is bulky and can be incredibly cumbersome when traveling. Thankfully, there are simpler and lighter DSLR cameras that are affordable and designed for entry level use. These kinds of cameras still offer enough control and versatility. If you want something idiot-proof, many point-and-shoot cameras come with multiple automatic settings to choose from to ensure the best photo every time. If convenience is your number one priority, look no further than your smart phone. The features in your phone camera can usually hold their own when compared to dedicated cameras. It’s also handy, multi-purpose, and reliable—it’s perfect for light packers. You’ll notice however that most travel bloggers and enthusiasts all swear by their Go-Pros. This is a nifty little gadget that’s easy to use and can give you some great panoramic shots and even videos!

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