Can a camera phone replace a DSLR for your holidays?

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Some people will say that DSLR cameras, and Point and Shoots are on their way to becoming obsolete. This is because of smart phones, which keep getting better with each succeeding version. Photos taken on phone cameras used to be grainy, pixelated, and generally low in quality. All that they were good for was taking basic pictures just to give you the gist.

Things have certainly changed through the years. Phone cameras’ megapixels increased and so did their settings and functions. Now you can hardly tell the difference between photos taken with a dedicated camera and a phone camera.

What’s also great about phone cameras of course is that they allow you to upload your photos online immediately after taking them. They also come with simple editing tools so you can touch them up. You can download more sophisticated photo editing apps.

That isn’t to say DSLR cameras didn’t innovate. The current entry level DSLR is packed with features that only used to be offered in top of the line models used by professionals. Most DSLR models now also come with the ability to connect directly to the internet, so you can upload all your photos as soon as you take them. This will come in extra handy with you’re running low on memory.

DSLR versus Smart Phone Camera

So is it time to say goodbye to your bulky DSLR? That would depend on many things. Nothing beats the versatility of a DSLR with its interchangeable lenses. If you’re looking to take quality travel photos that are fit to publish or frame, a DSLR is still your best bet. There are many fun and exciting accessories for your DSLR aside from the different lenses. There are also different kinds of portable lights, and filters that you can use. The tripod is especially great for capturing images in low light. There are also many kinds of photos you won’t be able to capture with a camera phone or even a point and shoot. For professional photographers and serious hobbyist, you’ll want to have your DSLR on hand when you’re going on a holiday somewhere photogenic and picturesque.

However, if you don’t have these professional-grade accessories for your DSLR and you’re unwilling to cart around heavy equipment, you might want to stick you your phone camera. No shame in that. Composing great photos using a phone camera is an art form in itself. A quick survey of travel-themed Instagram accounts, for example, will leave you in awe of just how much you can do with your phone camera and just how beautiful your photos can turn out.

In the end, it might just come down to convenience. Are you willing to carry a bulky camera bag or do you prefer something you can slip in and out of your purse or pockets easily? Regardless of your weapon of choice, it all depends on the skill of the photographer. You can improve your photography skills with enough study and practice and you can apply them no matter what type of camera you choose to use on your holiday.

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